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Böker Manufaktur Solingen Core Chef's Knife Anniversary 150

Varekode: 130741
Naturally, we will celebrate our 150th anniversary…
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Tilgjengelighet Bestillingsvare eller midlertidig utsolgt. Bestill i dag, beregnet leveringstid er: ca 2 uker.
Produsent Böker
Varekode 130741
Ståltype / Materiale O1
Knivblad Lengde 20.7 cm
Knivblad Tykkelse 3.4 mm
Skaft Materiale Tre
Skaft Detaljert Valnøtt tre
Total Lengde 34 cm
Vekt 188 gr
Låsemekanisme Ingen / Fixed Blade
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Naturally, we will celebrate our 150th anniversary with another special edition based on our successful line of kitchen knives, Boker Core. In the 17th century, there was a huge chestnut tree that used to provide welcome shade for the small tool manufactory in Remscheid owned by the Boker family. It is well known that this tree inspired the name of the Boker Manufactory and the world-famous corporate logo. Paying homage to the beginning of our company's history 150 years ago, this model features a handle made from smoked chestnut wood. With its dark color and subtle pattern, the material emphasizes the elegant design and exclusive nature of the knife. The die-forged blade is made from O1 carbon steel, which offers superior characteristics and excellent edge retention. The perfect material for high-quality kitchen knives. Even in the age of state-of-the-art powder-metallurgical steel, classic non-stainless carbon steel still has its raison d'être. Many users appreciate the traditional aspect of carbon steel but also the combination of edge retention and easy sharpening never quite achieved by stainless steel. For blades requiring an extremely fine edge, e.g. razor blades, carbon steel is still a matchless choice. In the kitchen, it is a joy to work with a fine-edged carbon steel blade that offers unsurpassed cutting properties. With a little care, a blade made from carbon steel has the same service life as a stainless blade. In the kitchen, you just have to rinse the blade under hot running water after each use. One completely natural property of the material is the patina that will develop over time, especially after cutting acidic food. It is absolutely normal for the blade to take on a grayish blue hue, which is not a flaw. On the contrary, the patina (oxide layer) protects the blade and makes it more resistant to outside conditions. The patina often develops after the first use and cannot be removed. For the expert, it is a sure sign of high-quality carbon steel. In addition, the blades feature two-tone etching with the history Boker tree etched in gold. Providing a strong contrast and elegant appearance, the inscription is etched in deep black. The elaborate blade etching process according to Solingen tradition is reserved for the finest, most exclusive knives, highlighting the special status of this anniversary edition in our product range. Limited to 150 pieces worldwide. Each knife has an individual serial number and comes with a certificate of authenticity, packaged in a special anniversary box.


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