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Böker Manufaktur Solingen Core Damast Kokkekniv

Varekode: 130740DAM
We are a modern and sustainable company with roots…
kr kr 8 317,00

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Tilgjengelighet Bestillingsvare eller midlertidig utsolgt. Bestill i dag, beregnet leveringstid er: ca 2 uker.
Produsent Böker
Varekode 130740DAM
Ståltype / Materiale Damast
Knivblad Lengde 21.2 cm
Knivblad Tykkelse 3.4 mm
Skaft Materiale Tre
Skaft Detaljert Eiketre
Total Lengde 34 cm
Vekt 192 gr
Låsemekanisme Ingen / Fixed Blade
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We are a modern and sustainable company with roots in an industry with a long regional history. Our region is the Bergisches Land, where blade production was established as early as the Middle Ages thanks to two main factors. The dense forests supplied wood as a renewable resource that could be carbonized for forging. Many rivers running through narrow valleys – maybe the Wupper river – supplied easily accessible, renewable energy for grinding mills and smithies. The Bergisches Land does not actually derive its name from its mountainous topography ("Berg" being German for "mountain") but from the noble House von Berg. Their mighty counts left their mark on the region like no other dynasty, reaching all the way to the Rhineland. It is no accident that their ancestral seat of Burg Castle has become the landmark of the Bergisches Land. Thanks to our close relationship with the castle preservation association, Schlossbauverein Burg a.d. Wupper e.V., we were able to obtain a small amount of wood from the 100-year-old oak beams of this historic monument. The wood was sourced from the so-called keep, the main tower of Burg Castle, which is an impressive 32 meters tall. The foundation of the keep (14 m x 11 m) was laid in the first building phase of the castle in the 12th century. The six-storied defense tower with living quarters was rebuilt in the early 20th century, modeled after Romanesque towers built around the year 1130. From the top with its three wooden brattices, visitors have a panoramic view all the way to the neighboring town of Remscheid. A covered bridge connects the tower with the shield wall and wall walk. In medieval times, it was the only access to the tower. Today, the west side of the keep has an additional entrance to the ground floor. The archway bears a sandstone plate with information about the history of the mighty tower. In the past, the ground floor was called the dungeon, accessible only through an opening from the floor above and used as storage for stone balls. In case of an attack, the defenders of the keep would pelt attackers with the balls from the upper floors. The ground floor could hold up to 12 tons of stones. From the first floor, stairs in the outside walls, which are up to four meters thick, lead to the upper floors. We process pieces of the original oak beams of the keep at Burg Castle with all due respect and diligence to make handles for our Boker Core Damascus, an edition strictly limited to 199 pieces. The blade is a special treat: the hand forged stainless Damascus has a breathtaking pattern and offers excellent resilience and hardness (60 HRC), which makes the Boker Core Damascus an exclusive collector's item and guarantees exceptional performance for all cutting tasks in the kitchen. In Solingen, the forged blade piece consisting of 300 layers of Damascus is brought to a red heat and die-forged into its beautiful shape by a drop hammer weighing two tons. What better way to express our reverence for the history of our region and our craft than by referring to the Counts von Berg and their ancestral home? Each of these works of art comes in an elegant leather-covered gift box with a certificate of authenticity and individual serial number. The Chef's Knife is one of the most important knives in the kitchen and belongs to the basic equipment. It has a slightly wider and longer blade than the Utility Knife. The slim tip is also suitable for cutting onions or small vegetables. Thanks to its length it can also be used as a meat knife. It is also easy to process large vegetables.


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